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On Death, My Sister, Buddha and Steve Jobs (Leadership)

Tweet My Sister Daryl’s Self-Caricature Some months ago, my sister Daryl and Steve Jobs died within a few weeks of each other. This is my first post since then and is a little more personal than usual. It explores a … Continue reading
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Process, the Unsexy Shape of Your Customer-Centric World (Part 3 of 6)

Tweet Business processes are collections of  structured activities and tasks that produce a specific product/service for your customer(s); they encapsulate ‘WHAT you do’ and ‘HOW you do it’. Does my Process look big in this? photo credit: bogenfreund Over time, … Continue reading
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Unleashing the Tiger blog syndicated by Customer Think

Tweet I am very pleased to say that Unleashing the Tiger was recently syndicated by Customer Think – a Thought Leadership site that covers: customer-centric business management, Customer Relationship Management, Customer Experience Management and Social Business. photo credit: psd CustomerThink is a … Continue reading
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People, oiling the machine of your Customer-Centric World (Part 2 of 6)

Without people, organisations simply do not exist. Your people are the ‘oil in the machine’. Except that, in the post-industrial age, most companies can no longer continue to operate successfully on such a mechanistic basis. In the information age, companies must function on a more dynamic basis, forming new, ad-hoc team structures organically as and when required. Continue reading
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Is your consultant providing value – or an albatross?

Buying in the services of an external consulting firm is scary; will they deliver lasting value to your business, enhancing your reputation and career? Or, like the avian assassin in the 'Rime of the Ancient Mariner', will their legacy become an albatross around your neck? Continue reading
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