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People, oiling the machine of your Customer-Centric World (Part 2 of 6)

Without people, organisations simply do not exist. Your people are the ‘oil in the machine’. Except that, in the post-industrial age, most companies can no longer continue to operate successfully on such a mechanistic basis. In the information age, companies must function on a more dynamic basis, forming new, ad-hoc team structures organically as and when required. Continue reading

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Is your consultant providing value – or an albatross?

Buying in the services of an external consulting firm is scary; will they deliver lasting value to your business, enhancing your reputation and career? Or, like the avian assassin in the ‘Rime of the Ancient Mariner’, will their legacy become an albatross around your neck? Continue reading

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Zen and the Master in the Art of Living

Inspirational quotes often strike a chord deep within us and can serve to encourage us through a particular phase in our life. “The Master in the Art of Living” has been with me throughout my career, and sums up my approach to life. Continue reading

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May the Fourth be With You: 15 ways the Wisdom of Yoda will help you to Unleash your Tiger

The George Lucas Star Wars franchise has spawned many memorable quotes. This article explores how Yoda’s wisdom can be applied to everyday life – on planet earth. Continue reading

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Still focussing on your products? You’re doomed to extinction

Organisations that place their products and services at the centre of their corporate thinking face the same fate as the dinosaurs – they are doomed to extinction. They need to change their culture and behaviours from the very core; to stop pushing products and to start winning customers hearts, minds – and wallet share. Continue reading

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